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                                 FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT

The City of Neoga fully supports and complies with the updated Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) legislation effective January 1, 2010.

City Office Address:
533 Chestnut Avenue
P.O. Box 248
Neoga, IL  62447

City's Total Operating Budget For Fiscal Year 2015:  $6,368,917.00

Number of Employees:
Full Time   -  8
Part Time  -  7


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests must be in writing.  Requests can be submitted to the City of Neoga by personal delivery, mail. or fax.


For your convenience, the City has a form available for requests.  You can obtain a request form at the City of Neoga or by using this link: Freedom of Information Request Form

Forms can be faxed to: 217-895-3839


FOIA Officers:
      Diana Foor, Treasurer         Brenda Evans, City Manager  
      533 Chestnut Ave                 533 Chestnut Ave                             

      P.O. Box 248                         P.O. Box 248
      Neoga, IL  62447                  Neoga, IL  62447                               

      217.895-3237                        217-895-3654